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About Vela Mayor Tapas & Bar

History has many versions of the true origin of tapas although there are many colorful theories and important historical figures involved. 

One of the more popular stories involves King Alfonso X, who reigned over the Kingdom of Castilla in the Thirteenth century. It is said that the king had become very ill and as a result was only permitted to eat small plates of food at a time, and a little red wine throughout various parts of the day. Eventually the king recovered from his illness and immediately decreed that no inn in Spain was to serve wine unless it was served with a small plate of food as an accompaniment.

Vela Mayor Tapas and Bar was conceived as the choice for anyone who wants to enjoy traditional Spanish Tapas, lunch, or dinner. In addition to our delicious Tapas, we have dynamic lunch, dinner, and BBQ grill menus, offering daily specials representing the vibrant diversity of Miami’s cultural fusion. You can choose to enjoy your Tapas, lunch, or dinner, in our intimate dining room, or our exotic open-air terrace. 

In addition to the traditional tastes of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, you will delight with our selection delicious international wines, home-made sangrias, and a wide variety of local and imported beers. 


We are bringing an authentically Spanish and Mediterranean experience to the Miami. Come join us!